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Hello! My name is Theresa. 
I am a self-published and indie-published author
I'm President of Write Now Columbus.


Faith, funnies and upcoming events!

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I could not have done my books without Art by Kat!
Please give her a follow on


"My 11-year old daughter and I read "Dear Daughter". I found the message uplifting and the images pretty, but as she is in some dark preteen phase her interpretation was quite different.

Her take-aways were that "the girl has a LOT of curly hair so how does she ever get out all the knots?". She also discussed the practicalities of being a literal book and how she would be wary of that kind of exposure.

I'm grateful for the story and illustrations as it has led to continuing conversations.

R. Scofileld (Review on Amazon of Dear Daughter)

"Adorable book -my toddler loves it and will actually listen to the story. Super cute!:

Chelsea (Review on Amazon of The Seedling)


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