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I'm Theresa. I genuinely like helping people.

"Act without expectation." Lao Tzu

However, in the words of Satine, "A girl has got to eat." (Moulin Rouge)

I hope you enjoy perusing this website, I'm a pretty open book. (emphasis on pretty!!)

Feel free to connect!

My Story

My story is a work in progress.  

I'm currently trying to find the bravery to begin my memoir.  Babysteps.

I grew up in foster care and was blessed to do so in opposing environments.

Half was in Arizona, the other half in Alaska.  I moved to Oregon after attaining my college education from the University of Alaska in journalism.  I pursued work in my educated field a short while until the culture shock and traffic of Portland OR was too much for me.  


While adjusting to 'the lower 48' I found work as a personal trainer at a local gym.  

I had my first child.  I also reconnected with my biological family and experienced my first loss when my Nana passed. My daughter and she share the same middle name.  

After a lonely Christmas, we decided to move closer to my husband's Ohio.


While here, I was reconnected with my biological father who sent me court documents of my childhood which were eye-opening and heart-wrenching. 

My past began affecting my present.

After some turmoil in my marriage, my husband asked me to attend a Celebrate Recovery meeting with him.

We completed the 12-step Christ centered program and then volunteered within the program.  It was this experience that inspired me to write Dear Daughter.

But my first effort at writing was motivated by sheer love.  My youngest daughter began having spots on her skin while in first grade.  At this time, parents were allowed to go eat lunch with their kids so I decided to do so on one spring day.  As I sat there, her friend asked me why she had 'all those spots'.  I realized my baby girl was facing this question alone, every day.  I asked her to help me create a book she could give her teachers to read to the class that would answer the question without her having to do so.  Since its publishing, My Spots, has been purchased all over the world!

Self-publishing books coincided with my job of selling advertising for local newspapers owned by The Columbus Messenger.  I quickly realized authors needed to do their own promotional work to sell books.  In my journey to do so, I created the Ohio Author's Book Fair.  A book fair for self-published and indie published Ohio authors.  I began a local writer’s group, Author's Court, which met at the local library once a month.  Then I decided to offer my services to others.  This became a platform to which Nita Sweeney found me and I was given the opportunity to adopt Write Now Columbus!

Having my childhood, I quickly learned that I had to teach myself a lot about life and that only I cared if I did so.

I promised to always pass on the talents I had been given.  And this is my goal in all that I do.  I share opportunities with others, I share my knowledge and I try to share my experiences...all in hopes that I can be of service. 

 "...even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve,..." -Matthew 20:28

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