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Books by Theresa Garee

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Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter is a beautifully illustrated poem meant to encourage and empower women and girls at all stages of life.  A reminder that we are all writing our own story and that we are all worthy of the moments that go into our life story.  Inspired by my journey through Celebrate Recovery, a 12-step recovery program 

The Seedling

Follow the tale of a mother teaching her children about the journey of a dandelion seed.  The seedling gets lost and is found, landing just where it was needed.  Much like our lives, The Seedling keeps faith along its journey.

The Seedling: A Children's book about faith.

My Spots

A vitiligo awareness book for young readers. Inspired by the first hand experience of Nakota Garee. Nakota imagines herself as beautiful animals of the world who are known for their spots. She discusses how vitiligo makes her feel and how reminding herself of the beautiful animals makes her feel beautiful! Vitiligo affects 1 percent of the entire worlds population. It can often leave people feeling alone when others stare or ask questions. Help your child understand the disorder with this fun and inspirational perspective.


If We Have To

Getting along is hard!
If We Have To showcases situations that seem impossible to work! Much like when we have someone we aren't getting along with. But when the situation is looked at from a different perspective, the impossible seems possible!
If We Have To also teaches us that it's ok to not always get along but we can respect each other for our differences.
Full of fun illustrations for readers to enjoy and share with others.

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